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The #1 studio for Massage,  Reiki & Energy Healing

in Galveston!

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Galveston Holistic Wellness 

#1 Spa and

Shelly #1 Massage Therapist

in Galveston County

Mobil Massage Galveston

Galveston Holistic Wellness 

Changing the direction of wellness

We are your body and mind integration specialists!

Reiki Galveston

Galveston Holistic Wellness is a new age wellness spa focusing on your entire being. Integration of everything your body needs for maximum fitness, mobility and function, as well as stress relief and holistic solutions for various situations. We offer massage therapy, stretching, reiki, crystal reiki, chakra balancing, meditation, pendulum work  as well as hosting a variety of events including retreats, frequency healing, breathing detox and fun fitness activities. Our massage therapist are mobile and can come to your home. Classes including raindrop, pendulum, journaling, vision boards, and more. Some classes can be held off site at your home or other location.

Zyto Scan


Zyto Scanning

Body Frequency Scan for 

200+ biomarkers to point you in the right direction for total health


Sound Baths & Meditations

In our studio or 

at other locations

Sound bath
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