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Energy Clearing

Serenity Garden
75 minutes
This peaceful session combines energy clearing & healing, aromatherapy, massage, sound healing, meditation & the healing sounds of nature.

Angel Waves
45 min
Angelic Reiki & chanting music are used for a powerful yet calming session. Receive an oracle message from your angels & by anointed with high frequency oils.



Head, Hands, Feet
This 45 minute session hits all of the reflexology points.

Can be booked any day
Book a group session with friends (approx 1 hr) with meditation, aromatherapy, breath work, sound healing and more

sound bath

every week

Yoga plus Sound & Energy Group Healing
Come be im
mersed in sound & healing frequencies combined with reiki. Starts at 12pm. Bring a yoga mat, blanket, chair, pillow, eye cover, water.

every week

Movement & Meditation
Elements of stretching, qigong, breathwork & self massage followed by a meditation. Starts at 6:30pm  Bring a yoga mat, blanket, chair, pillow, eye cover, water.


 Bring life
into balance

Ask us to customize a monthly plan for you!

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