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Our Galveston location started in late 2020.

We are constantly adding services. 


Shelly Rickert, LMT
Shelly is a licensed massage therapist who started her journey in 2018 when she was diagnosed with health issues that prompted her to leave the corporate world and seek a more holistic approach to not only healing but to life in general. Shelly pursued her massage therapy license as well as learning all she could about natural approaches to health and healing, tinctures, cleansing and purification.  It didn't take long for Shelly to find a love for Galveston and it's people. The magic of the island grabbed her soul and she knew this is where she wanted to practice her craft. 

Shawn Porche, CRMT

Shawn started her holistic journey in 2017 when she was having throat problems and essential oils were the only thing that helped and saved her from surgery. The following year her path crossed with a holistic vet (Dr. Robin Robinett) after her dog broke his leg and needed rehab. The experience with Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehab changed her life and she started dreaming of a place similar to this wonderful place but for people. Treating with an integrated approach to staying well and assisting people and their bodies to function in the manner they were created to.  As an Electrical Engineer, Shawn is obsessed with frequency and energy healing and has recently completed her Reiki Master/Teacher Certification as well as her Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher Certification. Shawn’s journey of opening Chakras, holistic healing and wellness utilizing essential oils and oriental herbs is still a big part of her life. Shawn's latest certifications include teaching Yoga, Stretching and Pilates.

Rusty Bussey

Rusty Bussey, LMT

Rusty is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer!
Bio coming soon!


Ocea is a Master Healer certified and licensed in many modalities. She loves to guide and create safe space for others to connect to their own healing, inner peace, purpose, spirituality and wisdom. Ocea has always been intuitive and her true understanding comes from self experience healing trauma, ptsd and an auto immune disorder. Ocea is passionate about being of service, traveling, learning and creating a Heaven on Earth.

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